"I had the pleasure of working closely with Dr. Margulies for several years, and was continuously impressed by her natural gift as a therapist.  One could tell that her warm presence, curiosity and gentle humor quickly established a safe and promising partnership for her patient's free expression. And I think patients quickly sensed how concerned Dr. Margulies was for them personally, which I am sure contributed to her effectiveness.  Her work reflects a rare combination of  solid psychodynamic  wisdom, well-trained psychotherapeutic skill, plain good sense and a constant delight in learning.  She has a refreshing readiness for surprise, puzzlement, and, on occasion, a completely new take on things - a flexibility that is golden in a therapist."  

- Lawrence Friedman, MD, Clinical Professor of Psychiatry in the Department of Psychiatry. Cornell University Medical College.
Author, The Anatomy of Psychotherapy and Freud's Papers on Technique and Contemporary Clinical Practice

"I am happy to endorse Dr Margulies who I have known for several years. She is a sensitive, empathic therapist who sets a comfortable and productive therapeutic climate with her individual patients and Groups."


-Albert Brok, Phd, CGP Board, Division of Psychoanalysis, American Psychological Association

Director, Group and Couple Therapy Training, Training Institute for Mental Health

"I know Marian's work well because we conduct a weekly confidential peer supervision in which we discuss our patients with each other (concealing identifying information). What stands out for me is her extraordinary empathy and caring for her patients and her preternatural ability to attune with them.  I love listening to her sessions with patients.  They open up to her like flowers, and she nurtures them like someone who has the green thumb of therapy.  Every time she comments on my patient sessions, I learn something because she has remarkable insights that are drawn from her deep well of understanding of how therapy works and people's inner dynamics."

-James W. Anderson, PhD, Professor of Clinical Psychiatry and Behavioral Sciences, Northwestern University,

Past President, Chicago Psychoanalytic Society.​

"I have known Dr. Marian Margulies for over 20 years. It is rare for any psychologist of whatever age or background to bring such a remarkable blending of heart and head to the work.  She truly cares for her patients, and she offers a wellspring of wisdom to them: not only psychological but also spiritual insights and connections.  It should be said as well that Dr.  Margulies continues to grow as a psychotherapist and a psychoanalyst, given her extraordinary open-heartedness, her endless curiosity about what makes people tick, and her direct studies with several of the deepest thinkers in our field."

-Anthony Stern, M.D., Medical Director, TLC Homeless Shelter Harlem, New York

"I've referred many patients to Dr. Marian Margulies over the years.  Patients have benefited from her analytical, yet warm and supportive approach to therapy.  She’s helped parents and their children deal with many issues such as anxiety, depression, separation, relationship difficulties and poor school performance."

-Marc Wager, M.D, Pediatrician, Pediatric Group of New Rochelle

"Dr. Margulies was an incredible support for my 11-year-old daughter, Sara, and for me, when we sought care to support her developmental process at the time.  Her nurturing way was always inviting, and she delightfully supported the process with creative ways that kept my daughter engaged and facilitated her engagement.  We were pleased to find resolution once my daughter reached clearly-defined treatment milestones, and she herself knew she was ready, which was more than reassuring.  We are grateful to Dr. Margulies for the skill and compassion she brings to her work."

-Mara P., Mother of Child Patient

"I came to Dr. M at a time when I was struggling with anxieties related to a lot of changes in my life and a hike in my insecurities. Dr. M provided me with a very warm welcoming space, always listening attentively and free of judgement. These were things I was prioritizing when searching for a therapist, especially as a first-timer to therapy. Our discussions always evoked long reflections even after our sessions were over.  In terms of logistics, Dr. M was on time, great at maintaining our appointments and flexible with rescheduling, which were critical to me as a busy New Yorker."

-Lisa C., Patient

"I have known Dr. Marian Margulies since 2000 when I had the great honor to work with her as she began parent/infant groups at White Plains Hospital. What impressed me then and now  is her unique talent to make people feel at ease and understood. She truly has a gift in her unique ability to explain how to help parents interact optimally with their children. Furthermore, she has shared her research films with my classes so that they can see her in action.  In the consulting room or the classroom, I have remarked on how people are drawn to Dr. Margulies for her warmth, sensitivity, generosity and wisdom."

-Rena Matison Greenblatt, Ph.D, Psychologist/ Psychoanalyst

"I had a very apprehensive young patient come to me from Westchester. I had heard about Dr. Margulies from a friend and made the referral. After working with Dr Margulies, she began to feel better and do better in and outside of school. The  mother said that Dr. Margulies had a very comforting and nurturing personality, and immediately bonded with her child. Thanks Dr. Margulies for this small miracle."

-Jay Marks, DMD, Dentist, Danbury Ct.

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